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Self Mastery Program

Embrace Conscious Living and Unlock Your Highest Self with Our Self Mastery Program.

This Group Coaching Program is designed to EMPOWER you, enabling you to embrace your true self with love, compassion, and trust. It guides you in becoming the master of your own energy, emotions, and behaviors, fostering a balance between work and rest. Spending your energy where it is needed and not where it isn't needed. Through this simple practice, you will transform yourself from a compulsive being to a conscious one. 


A conscious being is an empowered one! To be conscious is to be aware. Awareness reveals the source of our self-limiting beliefs and negative-narratives that often rob us of our joy - this awareness also allows us to change that narrative and live happier, freer lives! 

Profound Wellness, Group Coaching, Self Mastery Program Testimonial

- Bridgette Finkler

“There is something about someone holding space for you, encouraging you to show up real and raw and just unpack your soul in a safe and loving place. You can feel yourself evolve and grow into your unique purpose. This was a life changing eye opening experience, and it was filled with compassion and genuine love from others. Forever thankful for Meg for being such a light and helping me find the power of simply being ME! Truly a freeing and empowering Self Mastery Program!"

Participating in Meg's Self Mastery Group Coaching Program was an AMAZING experience!! Her guidance, wisdom, and support have empowered me to delve deeper into my own journey of personal growth. The program provided just the right amount of structure with flexibility during the insightful coaching sessions. Meg is truly gifted. She creates a nurturing and inclusive environment where participants feel seen, heard, and supported every step of the way. Plus the ladies in the group were so great! I hope to keep in touch. Thank you, Meg, for leading this group with such authenticity and compassion!!!

Profound Wellness, Group Coaching, Self Mastery Program Testimonial

- Emily Louange

Profound Wellness, Group Coaching, Self Mastery Program Testimonial

- Jessica Bull

“I had never done something like this for myself before. This Self Mastery Coaching Program was an absolute blessing to me. Meg took us as a collective and as individuals and guided us to take who we are - then celebrate and excel that! We all possess superpowers; these sessions allowed us to become aware of those superpowers and then learn how to elevate them! Meg really opened us up. Together."

Step into the most authentic version of yourself 

and do it within a safe, sacred community.

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